photo en noir et blanc; Homme debout sur un rocher avec derrière lui le phare pour l'entrée dans le port de Marseille

Water and humanity

Past exhibition

Discover the work of photographer Emeric Feher at the Chateau d'If

  • Included in monument entrance fee (excluding sea crossing)


The Centre des monuments nationaux invites you to discover the exhibition " Water and Humanity ", featuring fifteen black and white photographs taken by humanist photographer Emeric Feher at the Château d'If.

A source of life and inspiration for Feher the humanist, water was to irrigate his photographic production. The people of Marseille also inspired him enormously. Take a tour of the château to discover a collection of photos taken in Marseille's old port, in the South of France and around the docks of Paris.

Emeric Feher

Emeric Feher (1904-1966) was a " humanist " photographer, in love with nature, bodies and life. He photographed French people in their day-to-day activities, in their surroundings, from nature, with no posing.

After his death, Élisabeth Feher, his wife, bequeathed his entire body of work - over 20,000 square-format black and white photos - to the Caisse nationale des monuments historiques, now known as the Centre des monuments nationaux.